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Chapter 4 "Pure Imagination" series

Title: Pure Imagination
Chapter title: The Attack
Written by: brutal
Tagline: Sometimes when you go looking for the unknown, you find it.
Genre: Femmeslash, Non-canon gay character, Coming of age
Summary: A nargle hunt among some of the students leads to an adventure. With sexy results.
Characters/Pairings: Luna Lovegood/Lavender Brown, mentions and appearances of others
Spoilers: Up through August of Deathly Hallows, or what would be Harry's seventh year.
Rating: PG, still some naughty bits, but nothing explicit, horror, and use of the phrase "Won-Won".
Disclaimer: All characters and concepts are property of JK Rowling and respective publishers. No nargles were harmed during the making of this fic. And apologies for my butchering of the Swahili language for any who might be offended.
Dedication: Lav-Lav haters, lesbian rights activists, pervy teen boys, and anyone I've managed to piss off...ever. THIS FIC IS FOR YOU!
WC: 859

They stepped back on the bank in pairs, only to discover their robes gone. They retrieved their wands from the safe places they hid them, but the orb was left in Luna's robes, it too had disappeared. "Where are our clothes?" Lavender asked, more to herself, as though anyone really had an answer. "What happened?" She only hoped Luna had some clue.

"Something must have touched it, the orb, I mean," Luna said, rather mellow by comparison. "Anything touching it would've gone too."

"What do you mean something?" Lavender wildly glances about the jungle floor for something creepy, nervously aware of her nakedness. "Is there anyone else here?"

"An animal, probably," Her calming tone only has the opposite effect, Luna continues, "The Franciscan monks are unique in that they believe that all creation is connected and has a conciousness with their greater omnicient entity, and therefore, animals have souls as we do, therefore, their needs, desires, dreams are taken into account."

"Animals dream? Really?"

"It's what they believe," Luna shrugs.

"So you're saying some animal has gone somewhere with our clothes?" Lavender feels the sweat roll from her shoulders, down her spin.

"It appears so," Luna sighs.

"Well what are we going to do now?" Lavender's voice breaks, she begins to panic. "We have no way of getting back now! We're going to be in so much trouble if we don't die here first..." Tears swell in her eyes as they fall on Luna, "Oh, god, I never should've brought you out here. I was stupid, stupid..."

Luna wraps her arms around her, pulling her into a hug, "Lavender, love, goddess, my inspiration," she says, rubbing her shoulders tenderly, kissing her forehead, then lips, then letting her cry on her shoulder, or wherever, and took delight in her sweet, jungle smells. "We'll get through this."

"How?" Lavender sniffs, facing the other girl with puffy red eyes.

"Well first," Luna aims her wand, "We'll need proper attire." She recites a spell that weaves some leaves and vines from the forest floor around their bodies. When it was complete, she asked, "How does that suit you?"

"You're amazing," Lavender manages, conciously checking to assure the plants aren't poisonous or crawling with bugs, she squeals into Luna's arms, snogging her.

So, dressed like unnaturally pale Amazon women, Luna and Lavender set off through the forest in search of essentials. Fresh fruits were plenty and getting them was no difficult task with a bit of magic. Levitating themselves into the trees being fun than bringing it to them. Water was properly cleansed with the right herbs, that the jungle was also in no short supply.

Building a shelter was next. A rusty old plane served where raw materials were scarce.
"Do muggles really fly in these things?" Luna wondered, admiring the remains of the cockpit, wings and engines.
"This one didn't," Lavender jokes.

Having learned the spell, Lavender helped this time and they built their tree shelter together. She wasn't very good at it, yet, but Luna went over the rough places with no trouble at all. Then the pair nestled inside for sleep.

Hours later, Lavender awoke to a dirty brown hand, no claw, no a tree branch? A tree branch with the force to hold her down and keep her mouth shut, when she opened her eyes to see Luna being held by another creature, much like this one, she presumed, Luna, simply looking all around, while it's branch-like fingers dug into her arms.

They were rather unpleasant looking. Far cry from the lovelier nymphs of muggle mythology, sap covered wood nymphs, with tree limbs for arms and legs, although the feet were wide and unweildy like a trunk, a curved spin and round belly. Large pointy ears, chins and noses, seemingly cut from the bark, their "hair", if it existed at all, was unevenly displaced, black and thin, like moss. Walking was also made difficult by their roots constantly trying to grow where they stand. Their eyes were pure white, almost hollow, now narrowed to tiny slits as they gnashed their bark jagged teeth in the girls' faces.

Lavender was caught off guard, she never knew fear like this. Her last fear was what Hermione Granger would do to her Won-Won. The nymphs were unpleasant to look at, and smell, but when saw Luna look on them with only intense curiosity, Lavender's courage was restored. She stared the one holding her down, conjuring a spell.

"Unakwenda wap?" It snapped at her, smashing her wand hand into the wall.

Lavender simply froze, pinned between branches now growing into the structure of the plane."

"Expecto Patronum!" The sweetened voice behind the creature cried, as a white rabbit exploded from it's master's wand, wrapping circles around the nymphs heads, stirring them into a frenzy until they lose focus and let Lavender go.

It was not a soft landing, as Luna immediately urges, "Run!" as she and Lavender apparate to the forest floor and start to run.

"Hapana!" The nymphs yell and curse bitterly, free of the menacing rabbit, stretching their arms and legs down the trees after them until finally snatching them up in their canopy.