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Ambition I've found can lead only to failure

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Name:Sarcastic until further notice
Location:Alabama, United States of America
"But you're just a girl?"

Have college degree
3 successful internships
2 short films

"That's what I keep saying."

Over a dozen published works
Edited video for air on local TV
Will work for food

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300, acceptance, alice in wonderland, altered states, amanda palmer, american beauty, back to the future, beetlejuice, bill murray's characters, blues brothers, bottle rocket, breaking benjamin, built to spill, casablanca, chris farley, christopher nolan, circa survive, classical, clopin trouillefou, clue, cursive, david lynch, david spade, dennis hopper, detective work, dog with shifty eyes, donnie darko, fanboys, fight club, frankenstein, get him to the greek, godzilla, good omens, gore verbinski, great characters, great dialogue, great plots, her space holiday, howard hughes, james joyce, jim carrey, joss whedon's fray, lacuna coil, leave bottle, lemon fresh scent, leon, les miserables, let the right one in, lion king 1 1/2, lord byron, lydia, making fun of snape, mary poppins, maynard james keenan, meat popsicles, michael crichton, milo & otis, mirah, misfits, mission:impossible, mrs dalloway, murder by death, muse, my chemical romance, my fellow americans, naked, neo-classical, network, nightwish, omg hudson shutup, patrick wolf, pennywise, placebo, pocahontas, portugal the man, queen, queens of the stone age, quentin tarantino, random humor, repo! the genetic opera, rocknrolla, rocky horror picture show, romeo + juliet, rushmore, sex pistols, sherlock holmes, silence of the lambs, sleeping beauty, stanley kubrick, star wars, stephen crane, stephen lynch, steven spielberg, straylight run, stripes, sweeney todd, the anti-christ, the birth of tragedy, the boondock saints, the godfather, the graduate, the origin of the species, the producers, the vampire chronicles, the wizard of oz, total eclipse, tremors, tropic thunder, velvet underground, viggo mortensen, voltaire, will ferrell, within temptation, wtf things, x-men comics, yes, zoolander
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