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Title: Pure Imagination
Chapter title: Nargles
Written by: [personal profile] brutal
Tagline: Sometimes when you go looking for the unknown, you find it.
Genre: Femmeslash, Non-canon gay character, Coming of age
Summary: A nargle hunt among some of the students leads to an adventure. With sexy results.
Characters/Pairings: Luna Lovegood/Lavender Brown, mentions and appearances of others
Spoilers: Up through August of Deathly Hallows, or what would be Harry's seventh year.
Disclaimer: All characters and concepts are property of JK Rowling and respective publishers. No nargles were harmed during the making of this fic. And apologies for my butchering of the Swahili language for any who might be offended.
Dedication: Lav-Lav haters, lesbian rights activists, pervy teen boys, and anyone I've managed to piss off...ever. THIS FIC IS FOR YOU!
WC: 606

"This is so pointless," Lavender whined, her hand raised above her head, to clear the limbs from her path.
"By all means," Ginny rolls her eyes, having a particular time of her own with a sticker bush, "if you want to go back to the castle and give Professor - er, Headmaster Snape the ol' one-two," unfortunately bushes in the Forbidden Forest tend to fight back. "Protego! I certainly wouldn't stop you."
"Kinnell!" Lavender shrieked, "Be bloody suicide at this point. What with Malfoy and his idiot friends given control of the place." The she adds, smugly, "Thought you were coming up with a brillaint plan to get past them, weren't you?"
"I am," Ginny argues the only way a lion could, "and there is" she continues stamping towards the other girl. Taller, older, and maybe prettier, Ginny wasn't going to let her think she was smarter too.
"Well what" Lavender sighs, "does being out here have to do with it?" She was annoyed but she wasn't going to get all worked up over some sixth year. Least of all when they basically agreed.
"DON'T YOU EVER LISTEN?!?" Ginny was still in full attack mode as they'd gone over this in the last DA meeting.

That was the first order of business. Reorganizing the DA. It was just her, Neville, and Luna at first on the train as they reconviened to discuss the recent "faculty changes" and what to do to prepare for what might happen. No official plans were made until arriving, and then in private, secure locations. The Room of Requirement was one of the first of a number of lost priviledges under Snape's regime. The last meeting was in Hagrid's cabin. So far, he was still safe. "Luna said she knew a better way into the Headmaster's office from here," Ginny found herself reexplaining, but it appeared that Lavender may well have been hearing it for the first time. "Wait..."

Ginny calms down, furrowing her brow as she continues to wonder about this lead.

"Well where's Luna?" Lavender wonders aloud as a head of dirty blonde hair appears from the brush.

"The nargles must've hidden it again," Luna says, very matter of fact.

"The what?" Lavender raises a sardonic eyebrow at this odd creature with bad fashion sense.

"The hidden passage," Luna says, exasperately, "Duh."

"No," Lavender wonders, inquisitively, now following Luna, apparently rejoining Ginny and the group, "What hid it? Or re-hit or something?"

"The nargles," Luna says, descending a steep slope with certain grace.

"Wmph," Lavender follows, less gently, "What are nargles?" She asks once again regaining her footing...and pride.

Luna begins to turn and answer when Ginny interrupts, "No concern of ours, come on, we better get back or Snape'll have a deuce. We can try the wild nargle chase tomorrow," though she was hoping Edgar or Michael would have an even better strategy by then.

"I suppose," Luna sighs, clearly not ready to abandon the mission. "But they might've moved by then. Very tricksy, Nargles."

Ginny throws up her arms in defeat, abandoning the pair to tend to the rest. She knows Luna can look out for herself. She puts Lavender out of her mind.

But rather than follow the others, Lavender stays, "Mind if I help?"

"Of course not," Luna says, "but you have to be very quiet, they have excellent senses."

"What else am I to do with this free afternoon?" Lavender rolls her eyes, "Study?"

Luna joins her in a brief, light laugh, then quietly raises a finger to her lips. Her blue eyes whispering a silent plea, as the golden-haired girl nodded that she understood.


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