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Title: Pure Imagination
Chapter title: Trapped
Written by: [personal profile] brutal
Tagline: Sometimes when you go looking for the unknown, you find it.
Genre: Femmeslash, Non-canon gay character, Coming of age
Summary: A nargle hunt among some of the students leads to an adventure. With sexy results.
Characters/Pairings: Luna Lovegood/Lavender Brown, mentions and appearances of others
Spoilers: Up through August of Deathly Hallows, or what would be Harry's seventh year.
Rating: PG, um, more violence really and nasty descriptions
Disclaimer: All characters and concepts are property of JK Rowling and respective publishers. No nargles were harmed during the making of this fic. And apologies for my butchering of the Swahili language for any who might be offended.
Dedication: Lav-Lav haters, lesbian rights activists, pervy teen boys, and anyone I've managed to piss off...ever. THIS FIC IS FOR YOU!
WC: 453

The girls came to again in a small bamboo cage on the dirt floor of what appeared to be a grass hut, beside and across from and beneath rows upon rows of varying sizes arranged inside. On the other end of the hut in one such cage, a vampire writhes in pain, "Tafa dhali niletee chakula nato haraka. Nina njaa sana!"

Some of the tree nymphs were teasing him on the other side of the cage, pointing and laughing cruelly, "Hu hapa wali, samaki, mbatata, na saladi. Nitakuletea keki baadaye."

The vampire cursed bitterly, spitting up congealed blood. Luna and Lavender exchange a look of sympathy, for being mocked, and a fellow prisoner.

Then they notice their wands set beside the nymphs posing as guards on a bamboo table. A look of agreement confirmed that they had to escape. But where would they go? And how would they avoid being recaptured? Lavender didn't care. She never thought ahead more than a minute, that is until this past summer, and her parents wanted to prep her in Occlumency and silent spells. She kind of failed the Occlumency lessons, but she felt fairly confidant in her silent spells. She knew she had to try something.

She began to concentrate, her hand just outside of the cage, when she noticed the vampire was now sitting up on his toes, watching them.

Soon Lavender's attention was diverted too and the vampire looked as though he was about to speak, when the tree nymphs began to catch on to this exchange.

"Shikamoo," The first saunters toward them. Lavender pulls herself back into the cage. The nymph looks at them angrily, "Shikamoo!"

"Punda Chungu," the vampire cursed into his shoulder.

"Mbya!" The tree nymph still heard these words of defiance, and becomes livid with rage. Distracted, giving Lavender the perfect moment.

"Accio wand," She repeated in her mind, in seconds it was back in her hand, and she pointed at what appeared to be a lock, "Alohomora!" The branches holding the door in place begin to bend and break away, as the tree nymphs also all begin to writhe in pain and detangle.

"They're a hive mind," Luna observes, picking up her wand, "This entire structure is a part of them. Everything that effects a part of it effects them all."

"Yes, that's brilliant, but it doesn't really --" Lavender grabs her by the hand as they apparate and run away.

But no sooner are they on the ground when they come face to belt-buckle with a tall, dark and brown hooded figure.

"You're in a lot of trouble, Ms. Lovegood," the figure said, gathering them both up into his cloak before disappearing all of them into himself.

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