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Title: Pure Imagination
Chapter title: Welcome to the Jungle
Written by: [personal profile] brutal
Tagline: Sometimes when you go looking for the unknown, you find it.
Genre: Femmeslash, Non-canon gay character, Coming of age
Summary: A nargle hunt among some of the students leads to an adventure. With sexy results.
Characters/Pairings: Luna Lovegood/Lavender Brown, mentions and appearances of others
Spoilers: Up through August of Deathly Hallows, or what would be Harry's seventh year.
Rating: This is the part that gets pretty NC-17
Disclaimer: All characters and concepts are property of JK Rowling and respective publishers. No nargles were harmed during the making of this fic. And apologies for my butchering of the Swahili language for any who might be offended.
Dedication: Lav-Lav haters, lesbian rights activists, pervy teen boys, and anyone I've managed to piss off...ever. THIS FIC IS FOR YOU!
WC: 865

The girls pour out on a grassy knoll, one after the other, and as vision is limited in the wormhole, Lavender falls on top, face down, her hand almost strategically placed on Luna's butt. Lavender squeals backing away, as Luna stands upright again. Brushing the debris from her robes, discovering a large praying mantis climbing up the front. "Hello, green venus bug," Luna admires the shape of its head and signature pose, "I'm afraid I can't move without squishing you."

"Ew!" Lavender cracks out her wand, pointing down at it, "Your robes!"

"Run along now," Luna extends a light touch as she leads the insect back to the ground, and once more turns attention to Lavender, the all-knowing guide of this adventure.

"Sorry about that," Lavender watches it walk away on its own. "Probably should have brought a bug net. Forgot how many bugs their were here. Must've blocked it out."

Luna smiles, sweetly, compelled to let Lavender lead her every step of the way, but frequently distracted by the plant and animal life.

Lavender was more focused on the destination, whatever that may be. There was a pond nearby that she knew of, requiring a bit of a hike, but well worth it, as she remembered. The silence bothered her, however, and felt it necessary to make idle conversation. She begins by simply correcting Luna's spell, "It's called Zimbabwe now."

"I know," Luna replies, laughing at a pair of spider monkeys hopping about the trees. "The ball sees the present, but its map details are a little dated. I could get the friars to update it, but they are quite secretive and I'm afraid my mother took that one to her grave."

"I'm sorry," Lavender felt compelled to say again.

"Everyone is," Luna simply shrugs.

They talked on, about everything from parents to family to pets, school, classes, professors, other students, ghosts, the Who's Who of Hogwarts. Biggest Know-It-All: Hermione Granger, Most Athletic: Cormac McLaggan, Most Likely To Succeed: "Lavender Brown" piped Luna, as she blushed and sighed, saying, "Ginny Weasley." Friendliest: Neville Longbottom, Biggest Dork: Ron Weasley, Funniest: Seamus Finnigan, Biggest Flirt: Harry Potter, Most Likely To Secretly Be A Death Eater: Pansy Parkinson, Prettiest: "Luna Lovegood," Lavender adds, but Luna simply bows her head, shyly, "Cho Chang." And, finally, Most Likely To Kill A Man If His/Her House Doesn't Win: Zacharias Smith.

They arrive at the edge of the jungle where it dips off into a little ravine that opens to a secluded pond, a freeflowing watefall regularly supplying it with fresh water. "This was my favorite place to come when mum and dad did their deforestation report on Zimbabwe," Lavender took in the rich, moist jungle air, slipping off her robes. "Don't worry, we tested the water. The worst things in this jungle are on the land."

Luna needed little encouragement. The garments were discarded on the bank as she dove into the pool, "It's positively delightful!" She sang, splashing beneath the falls.

Lavender plunged rather less gracefully in after her, laughing, Luna splashed her playfully back, "Watch it! You'll scare away the nargles."

"What are nargles--?" Lavender begins to argue, unaware of their narrowing closeness, as their legs dance between eachother below the surface, when Luna's lips gently touched upon hers. Lavender stared back into those large, searching eyes, full of something like elation, she grabbed Luna's wrist and waist under water and rather forcefully kissed her back.

They part only briefly from this embrace, panting, wet and clinging to eachother, as though half-starved, but somewhat still uncertain, "Have you ever done anything like this before?" Luna asked, almost commanding, between breaths.

"No," Lavender could remember dancing and playing games with Seamus, snogging Ron, and for a moment felt horror at what she was doing, but again looked into the non-judging eyes before her. The feminine curves of the body in her arms and it seemed as though nothing else mattered, but she was curious, and felt a strange compulsion to ask, "You?" unsure whether she really wanted to know the answer.

"Just once," Luna sighs, looking away, but Lavender only became more focused on her, "another Ravenclaw girl in second year. We used to be best friends. We only kissed once, really, and then some boys found us and she claimed I attacked her and later told me she was just experimenting."

"Oh," Lavender paused, trying to take it all in. Her Gryffindor sense of justice tingling, "Have you ever liked boys?"

"They're okay," Luna shrugs, drifting with the small current, "the ones that aren't mean." Then she giggled, "Sometimes I think it'd be more fun to be a boy than to be with them."

Lavender laughed as well, "We can be boys together!" And she kissed Luna again.

Hands finding their way beneath the surface as their feet keeps them afloat, the bouyouncy of the water keeping their balance and rhythm with the movement of their bodies. Exploring, Luna bites her lower lip before crying out from a mix of pain and ecstasy, groping for kisses, feeling up her breasts. Lavender screamed twice as loud. Birds flew overhead. Monkeys were heard responding enthusiastically to the lovers' cries.

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